How often should you talk with your financial advisor?

Oct 28, 2015
Author: Scott Hanson

Meeting_with_advisorPeople sometimes ask me how often they should meet with their financial advisor. It varies some from person to person, but I recently read an article that suggested that you sit down with your advisor every quarter.

Every quarter? That was certainly news to me.

If meeting with an advisor every three months is something that makes you feel more confident or secure, then perhaps that’s something you should consider. But I’ve found that the very reason that most people hire a financial advisor is so that they have an expert to alleviate their worries, and to deal with the stress of the day-to-day oversight of monitoring the market and investment allocation. 

Simply, people hire me to do the work (and the worrying) for them.

If you’re the type of person who places a high degree of importance on “quality of life” issues, then an annual review with your advisor is probably sufficient. Now, if there’s a financial emergency, or some other issue that needs addressing, then, of course, see your advisor right away. But, again, for most people who have hired a qualified, credentialed advisor, a yearly review is not only sufficient, it frees you up to do the things that make you happy.

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