Recessions are more common than depressions

Recessions are more common than depressions, with, generally speaking, the single largest technical indicator that a recession is taking place being two consecutive quarters of negative economic growth.

Aversion to risk is a healthy economic policy

There’s been five certified “depressions” in United States history. But when was the last one, and how did it come about?

All value is perception

Did you know that in our country’s history, we’ve experienced five major economic depressions? The second American Depression was in response to land speculation.

Going Through Divorce? Meet with an Advisor

Whether you are the person in your family who controls the finances, or if you’ve always left that to your spouse, when divorce is imminent,

Behavioral Finance: Take a peek at the Tulip Bubbles

Way back in the 1600s, an unprecedented demand for tulips caused a bidding war that brought Holland to its knees.

Straightforward Steps for Retirement

If you’re putting off preparing for retirement, you’re not alone. According to a July 7th, 2014, article in InvestmentNews, almost 40% of Americans have no retirement savings at all.

Marriage and Teamwork: The Million Dollar Investment

Statistically speaking, according to Investopedia, by far the #1 source of arguments in a relationship is concerns and issues about money.

Investing During Retirement

When figuring out how much they need to save for a comfortable retirement, many people forget to account for the inflation that will occur once they are no longer working. 

They may begin retirement with a sufficient nest egg to maintain their lifestyle, but they put all their money in cash or bonds and not in stocks. 

A Hopeless retirement Situation?

What if you’re 55 years old and have saved nothing for retirement? Is your situation hopeless?

Where to Retire?

Whether your retirement is years into the future or you’ve already taken down your business’s shingle, the next big question in your life might be the same one posed by the rock group “The Clash,” back in their 1982 hit, “Should I Stay or Should I Go?”

Will I outlive my savings?

Afraid you’ll outlive your money? You’re in good company. According to Forbes magazine, outliving our savings is one of the Baby Boomer generation’s biggest fears. And with more and more people living well into their 80s, and beyond, these fears are not unfounded.Said HMA President, Steve Burnett, “You’re going to want to budget.

Four Steps for a Better Retirement

We aren’t preparing, at least not the way we should. We think about retirement, but many of us put off planning for it and organizing our finances in such a way as to truly prepare for this major life transition. Much of this is because information rains down on us from every source imaginable and it’s difficult to get away. If you are avoiding doing something this important, you should probably pay attention to the following bits of advice.