2016 Election: Where MIGHT interest rates land?

The Fed and US Interest Rates

The Federal Reserve wants to see that we’re operating at maximum employment with stable prices while maintaining moderate interest rates. The Fed’s primary objective is to encourage steady GDP growth while keeping inflation in check. Simply put, the Fed lowers interest rates when jobs are scarce to make it favorable to borrow money; it raises interest rates when the economy is strong to make it favorable to save money.

Predicting Future Market Movements

You’ve probably heard people—your neighbor, an old friend, or maybe an “expert” on cable television—brag about how good they are at “timing” the market. Timing the market is the act of trying to predict (and then capitalize upon) future market movements, often by utilizing technical indicators or economic data, or, in some cases, just by counting on intuition.

Will I Outlive My Retirement Income?

Besides savvy saving and investing, what else can I do to help ensure I don’t run out of money once I retire?